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Promises in iQ

The new HTML5/ECMA6 Promise API is now available! In reading about it here, I knew I had to apply it. Check it out…

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DOM Tidbits

  1. I’m moving forward with the Indexing idea. And I’m learning a lot in the process. Here I’ve summarized a few things:

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Indexing by ID

I have a new strategy for iQ. Inspired by Information Retrieval, HTML5 WebWorkers, and Set objects. Here’s the problem:

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iQ, meet DOM

I’m spending some time on iQ today.

I’m trying to stay mindful of performance impacts.

  1. I anticipate users may want to work on large iXBRL documents. MassiveDynamic is 2.8MB.
  2. Or users may leverage iXBRL document sets, that they should like to query as a single document
  3. Or iQ tools might make it possible to stitch together disparate iXBRL documents (i.e. Google vs Apple)

iQ is document-based. It’s not supposed to handle database-sized quantities of data. But I don’t want to be short-sighted.
I wanted to apply what I’ve learned recently about document.querySelectorAll.

The results are enlightening!

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Introducing iQ

I’m working on a new language. It’s called iQ.

iQ stands for “iXBRL Query”, where “iXBRL” stands for “inline XBRL”, and “XBRL” stands for “eXtensible Business Reporting Language”

It’s Javascript. It’s inspired by jQuery, and the concepts of Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) and Literate Programming.

Check it out the iQ source code by clicking here:

With iQ, you can easily locate values and identify patterns in financial data. The goal: freely enable anyone with an interest in finance to make meaningful stories out of financial data… Continue reading

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