QlikView VB Scripting For Newbies

I like documentation — thanks for finding the “golden egg” of Qlikview VBA API, denvercoder9


I’ve been working with QlikView for a few weeks now, and I’ve finally run into the need for a script. (yay!) I’ve never used Visual Basic before, and have no familiarity with the QlikView API, but I’m pretty decent at picking up new languages. How hard could this possibly be?

… 3 hours later …

QLIKVIEW, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR DOCUMENTATION?!!!!! Am I supposed to magically know what all these strange Document and Sheet objects are and what functions they contain? Why does every google query pass me off to your help forums THAT DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE ANY HELP! Okay, maybe they would be helpful if I could open the sample code people keep attaching to their cryptic forum replies. But, oh wait — I can’t. Because I have the free version, and these people actually paid for theirs. So basically, no help for the newbies around here. Gotta work…

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