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Postgres Queries: Learning More

The most sophisticated query I have used these major features:

    • To combine fields from separate tables, as if they’re in one table
  • ON
    • The property or attribute that is the hinge for a JOIN
    • The conditions that must be met for the new one table
    • To select only a subset of results

I’m checking a query discussed in an XBRL US Webinar, it includes other functions. Let’s learn more about these… : Continue reading

Conflict Minerals, Part II: Missing Data

Note: This article has been published at Hitachi Data Interactive, a fantastic review of current topics in XBRL. Check it out, here:

I recently posted about the new Form SD, where I asked a few questions about the structure of the XBRL taxonomy.

Since posting, I analyzed the instance document more closely. I also had a lively chat with the XBRL-Public Discussion group. The conversation was originally about tuples. The “Lines” of data reported (as seen in the picture below), had clear patterns; They need a Payment amount, a Project, a Country, etc. Some members, including myself, thought this was “tuple”-like.

Michelle from the Bank of Italy enlightened me as to why tuple structure is generally avoided in XBRL; the nesting of data allows taxonomy authors to create new meaning, or create the same meaning in a different way, (or hide meaning!); this wouldn’t be standard, so it wouldn’t be  understood, and that’s bad.

But the tuple discussion was a tangent; I focused the second part of the conversation on missing data.  Continue reading

Conflict Minerals in the Congo!

Note: This article has been referenced at Hitachi Data Interactive, a fantastic review of current topics in XBRL. Check it out, here:

As Phil MennonaCharlie HoffmanCompliance Week, and the SEC themselves noted; the SEC has come out with a new  (XBRL) Taxonomy. The Taxonomy is for Form SD. This Form is a disclosure of certain Blood Diamond Conflict Mineral* information… and I have a few brief observations. Continue reading