Part Three: The Results

In part one, I framed the business question. In part two, I described the query. A query on its own may not make sense, so in a later post I’ll be sure to discuss the “Tables”, (it might be called “Schema”?) That is, the way XBRL US Arranges their data.**

For now I’ll discuss the results, because this is really the answer to Phil’s original question; find those filers who report a “backwards calculation.” Here are the result of the query; these filers report calculationArc from us-gaap_ProfitLoss to us-gaap_NetIncomeLoss…

Company Name Role Name
Molycorp, Inc. CondensedConsolidatedStatementsOfOperationsAndComprehensiveIncome
Feihe International Inc ConsolidatedIncomeStatement
BUTLER NATIONAL CORP CondensedConsolidatedStatementsOfOperations
R F INDUSTRIES LTD StatementOfIncome
GENWORTH FINANCIAL INC DisclosureSegmentInformationSummaryOfNetOperatingIncomeLossAvailableToCompanysCommonStockholdersForSegmentsAndCorporateAndOtherActivities
TECH DATA CORP StatementConsolidatedStatementOfIncomeAlternate
India Globalization Capital, Inc. ConsolidatedIncomeStatement
India Globalization Capital, Inc. ConsolidatedIncomeStatement
FLUOROPHARMA MEDICAL, INC. ConsolidatedStatementsOfOperations
T3 Motion, Inc. StatementsOfOperations
DRIVETIME AUTOMOTIVE GROUP INC StatementCombinedStatementsOfOperationsAlternative
SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc IncomeStatement
China Modern Agricultural Information, Inc. StatementOfIncome

I’ll investigate three of these examples.


  • Here is a link to the SEC index, including HTML and XBRL
  • No Crossview link; it does not appear to have this 8-K

T3 Motion, Inc.

  • Here is a link to the SEC index, including HTML and XBRL
  • Here is a link to Crossview’s rendering (from Rivet Software) which has the backwards calculation

SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc

**I found the screenshot from XBRL US’ Webinar:

A picture of the tables in the XBRL US Database

I describe the Query I use in Backwards Calculation: Part 2

2 thoughts on “Part Three: The Results

  1. Hi Nate. I didn’t apply to XBRL Challenge, so I couldn’t see the XBRL US Database, but this overview is very good. I read with interest your posts on XBRL Int. group and I see you’re starting this blog with a technical approach to XBRL. I want to do the same, but my time is still too short and I haven’t crossed the layout step. But I hope be writing very soon about my experiences on XBRL. Anyway, I’ll follow your blog and keep in touch. Good luck and best wishes.

  2. redpeas says:

    Thanks Eduardo. I’ll keep posting as I learn more. I like your site, now it’s time to get some content! Let me know if I can help.

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